In SHOOT! Practical Videography School, nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, our employees, and our community. As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, we’re committed to giving you the support and resources to navigate these challenging times.
Though we are sad to announce that we have postponed our coming courses, we are hopeful that we will still find ways to help you nurture your passion for videography.
We are now in the process of developing a curriculum to adapt our videography classes to an online platform.
In the past month, we have successfully launched QUARANTINE SESSIONS, which are online interactive workshops on videography. 
Please be assured that our promise to help you or your organization in creating better videos is still standing. Meanwhile, you may check out our YouTube Channel for videography tips and tutorials. 
Keep safe always!

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Welcome to the SHOOT! Practical Videography School.
We provide practical and theoretical training for highly passionate, creative, and professional videographers.

Practical Videography for Passionate People



To fill the world with professional, creative and passionate artists producing heartwarming visual memories.



To provide excellent training in practical videography and cultivate videographers for events filmmaking.

About Us

SHOOT! Practical Videography School is an innovative training center located along Xavierville Avenue in Quezon City. We give participants a comprehensive exposure to all aspects of wedding, event and corporate videography while learning in a positive environment. We combine practical theory with immediate application under the mentorship of leading industry professionals.
We believe that people learn best by doing. That’s why our classes are limited to 12 SHOOTERS per batch to ensure a highly immersive learning experience.
We are a practical training school. Everything we do is designed to make you a better videographer, and our workshops are made to simulate actual field experience in shooting personal and corporate events like weddings, debut, birthdays, conferences, corporate AVPs, image films and corporate documentaries.
We are a premier school of practical videography that develops reliable videographers who are also storytellers. We deliver an educational experience that instills a high degree of professionalism combined with a creative mindset.
Our training standards enable students to go out into the industry with the skills and experience necessary for professional employment.


To equip aspiring videographers with a solid set of skills, and nurture creativity, passion and professionalism.
To help provide an alternative source of income for amateurs and enthusiasts and guide them on a path to professional videography as a business.
To help develop a reliable pool of videographers with industry standard skills that can take their career forward and help them deliver the best work.

JOIN the SHOOT! School Family!
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