6 things to remember if you want to become a successful wedding videographer

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Oct 06

I’d like to share something I learned the hard way 14 years ago.

I filmed the wedding of my college buddy back in 2003. Film student ako during that time. May alam na sa paggawa ng pelikula, ika nga.

In case you are wondering, this was me in 2003:

23-year old EJ

I vividly remember that their wedding was at the EDSA Shrine church. Filming their wedding, ang yabang ko pa. Art daw kasi.

Galaw dito, galaw doon. Akyat sa altar para sa perfect angle ng couple. Tawid sa aisle, handheld tracking shots, bokeh, etc.

Pagdating ng homily, ang unang sinabi ng pari:

“Hoy ikaw, camera. tumayo ka diyan sa gilid.”

Nagulat ako at namula.

“Huwag ka aalis diyan. Ang gulo-gulo mo eh. Nakakadistract ka.”

Oo nga naman. Looking back, napakarami ko pang mga mali na nagawa throughout the years ng pagsushoot ng kasal.

Every wedding, may natututunan akong mas tamang technique. Mas mainam na paraan.

After shooting more than 300 weddings and working with multiple seasoned videographers, I have compiled all the best practices, naipon nang naipon ang mga kaalaman. This compilation became the basis of the Wedding and Events Videography course we are teaching at SHOOT! School.

At this point, I can share with you 6 things to remember if you want to become a successful wedding videographer:

  1. Come earlier than the call time. Being late rattles you, it makes a bad impression on the client, and generally mas kaunti ang makukuhanan mo.
  2. Every wedding is an audition for the next job. Do your best.
  3. Dress nicely. No jeans, no T-shirt. At least a long-sleeved polo and tie.
  4. Familiarize yourself with your gears. No guesswork on the day of the shoot.
  5. Watch lots of wedding videos. Pangit, maganda, the ones you like, the ones you hate.
  6. Add subtitles.
  7. Watch lots of films.

The wedding videographer‘s job is hard but very emotionally and financially fulfilling.

If you’re interested to learn about wedding videography, you may go here.

About the Author

A graduate of the UP Film Institute, EJ has directed award winning documentary films tackling issues of environment and society. He has further studied advanced documentary filmmaking under German, French and Dutch filmmakers in various workshops and specialized courses organized by Goethe Institute-Manila and Goethe Institut-Hanoi. EJ also directs commercials, advertisements and corporate image films. EJ has filmed hundreds of weddings when he became an owner of a wedding film studio in 2010-2012. This was when he dreamed of a Videography School that offers special courses for budding artists.

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