A great way to end 2017: SHOOT! School offers its hottest courses

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Oct 05

You’ve been asking for these! And yup, SHOOT! School will be having 5 more courses for the remaining months this year. Are your hearts ready for these? 

Weddings & Events Videography Course

Nov 7, 8, 9 & 10

This is a 4day course that tackles the basics of Wedding Videography. The modules include visual language and grammar, DSLR videography, wedding workflow, editing and post-production. This workshop is an excellent primer to the current and latest trends in wedding videography, and a start of discussion of being a wedding videographer and its earning potential. Participants will see how film language and grammar are used with DSLR videography, general wedding video production work flow, and the soft skills needed when dealing with clients on the day of the wedding.

Running A Profitable Video Business

Nov 10

Just like filmmaking, marketing and managing your own business is a craft that can be learned. And that is exactly what we’re going to teach at our 1-day marketing and entrepreneurship course, on this course you will learn very important things like for example how to pick the employee time clock software

This course on entrepreneurship will help ensure you can convert your new skills into a viable source of income. Students are expected to draft a business plan based on their desired output as a final project. One the best ways how you can do marketing for any business is by the uses of Tik Tok, so if you are using allready Tik Tok you may be interesting in know that Microsoft buying TikTok.

The Creative Shooter

Nov 15, 16 & 17

The Creative Shooting with Dynamic Camera Course is a 3-day advanced course that focuses on special equipment used in filmmaking. In this course, you will learn how to effectively use the glidecam, slider, and crane as camera support for maximum impact and creativity. Techniques and best practices will be shared. Furthermore, crash courses on the following courses will be included: aerial videography, time lapse photography, slow motion, and use of Go Pro.

The Same Day Edit

Nov 23 & 24

The Same Day Edit is staple in almost all middle and high-end wedding video packages. Practically, every studio offers this as part of their professional services. In the Philippines, clients’ tastes have evolved. This 1-day workshop demonstrates how to organize your clips in a specific same day edit work space, how to trim clips quickly and efficiently, and how to select the most suitable clips for your final SDE. It shares the best practices of working with SDE editors and wedding videographers in an action-packed session. Participants will be working with Adobe Premiere CS6 or higher.

Documentary Filmmaking

Nov 29 & 30, Dec 1

The 3-day Documentary Filmmaking course prepares the advanced videographers in the lucrative world of producing videos for Corporate, NGO, and Government clients. This is an intensive program that combines in-class instruction and hands-on production workshops where students put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

During the first two days, students learn the fundamental tools of documentary filmmaking. Classes include Pitching, Directing, Camera, Lighting, Sound Recording, and Editing. Students apply what they learn by creating two-minute individual observational films, and by producing short projects under the guidance of their mentors.

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A graduate of the UP Film Institute, EJ has directed award winning documentary films tackling issues of environment and society. He has further studied advanced documentary filmmaking under German, French and Dutch filmmakers in various workshops and specialized courses organized by Goethe Institute-Manila and Goethe Institut-Hanoi. EJ also directs commercials, advertisements and corporate image films. EJ has filmed hundreds of weddings when he became an owner of a wedding film studio in 2010-2012. This was when he dreamed of a Videography School that offers special courses for budding artists.

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