A 3-day introduction to digital cinematography course

Make your vision come to life

Introduction to Digital Cinematography is a beginner-level course, which explores the art of visual storytelling and provides a firm overview of the technical foundation in how to effectively use the camera, lighting, and other tools to convey your message.

Control the viewer's experience

For the viewer, a film is an experience. It's entering an entirely different world.

For the filmmaker, a film is allowing the viewers access to the stories and images inside his/her head.

The course starts by examining the art of photography and video, and how to properly harness the medium to communicate your message. From there, you’ll learn about the technical skills needed to create images and videos through a discussion of the camera and its components. You will learn to control the viewer’s experience through creative choices you make about where to put the camera and how to move it.

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Set the mood with lighting

The course then explores how to create a mood in a scene with lighting techniques. These techniques are shown in a straightforward, practical way so you will be able to produce professional results, even with improvised household lighting.

The course will also cover the essential topics of movie and video making, such as story, continuity, and collaboration. The skills learned in these areas will give you the ability to create basic as well as more elaborate productions to achieve your goals.

The course is designed for the student with basic technical skills, but even people with more experience will benefit from learning how to tell a story effectively with their camera, and how to communicate something to their audience with images.

Some scenes from this course

                         All about light

DoP Emman Pascual leads the Cinematography masterclass.

"Cinematography is all about light. Ganon sya ka-importante, hindi ka pa siguro matuturing na cinematographer kung di ka marunong mag-expose."

Learning techniques

The course uses examples of films to illustrate how cinematic techniques are applied and used in the professional world.

"That few seconds of focus was crucial to this moving shot, kaya I pre- set my camera to be sharp in that focal distance before the kid stepped into the frame."

Creating your very own film

At the end of the course, the students will shoot a short film and prepare the footage for editing; applying the theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge they have gained.



Best quality learnings, mentors, techniques at an affordable rate. Super sulit ng bayad at time and effort kasi magagamit mo talaga lahat ng turo.

no doubt, SHOOT school will give you the tips and di lang siya basta bastang theories, it is also based from their own experiences from the past. Enroll na kayo guys!


Christopher Nicole Ocsing 
Course graduate, videographer and owner at CNJ Video Production


EJ Mijares
Emman Pascual


What are you waiting for?

Inquire now about dates now!
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
PhP 10,000

For inquiries and concerns, you may reach us at the ff:

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