of Manila!

For the past three years, we have been designing courses to help filmmakers of all levels further improve.
We're honored to have been your mentors. We are grateful for the aspiring filmmakers and videographers who took extra mile just to study here at SHOOT! School.  

Now, we decided to TRAVEL to your provinces!

Instead of coming to Manila, we will be coming to you!

What is GUOOM?

Get us out of Manila! or GUOOM is designed to reach out to aspiring videographers who are living in the far cities and provinces. We believe that learning should never stop 
Now, we decided to TRAVEL to your provinces!

Instead of coming to Manila, we will be coming to you!

Tell us what you need

We know that you have specific needs.
Courses may be have the same content, but we're ready to know you more!

Tell us your goals and we will work with you towards their attainment.

courses for organizations

Organize special training courses for your office, organization, or group of friends.

This is perfect for companies and organizations who want to learn how to produce their own AVPs, or for friends who simply want to learn filmmaking together.

share your love of filmmaking

Share your love of filmmaking by mixing passion and advocacy.

bring shoot school to you!

If you can't go to SHOOT! School, we are very much willing to go to you.

What are you waiting for?

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Steps for registration

  1. Fill up the registration form (click the Tell us what you need! button)
  2. Check your e-mail inbox and confirm your registration (so we know you're not a robot)
  3. Wait for the pre-registration e-mail containing the course proposal
  4. Once settled on a special course, deposit your downpayment (50% downpayment, 50% on the first day of class)
  5. Send us a scan or photo of your deposit slip
  6. We'll send you a confirmation that we've received the payment
  7. That's it! You're in! See you in class!
What are you waiting for?

+639773814377 | (02) 2394464