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Are you a Film School?

Yes and No. While we teach the fundamentals and principles of film language and grammar, the SHOOT! School cuts through the long process of acquiring a film degree by teaching the functional and practical techniques first, and promotes learning by doing.
More time is actually spent on the practical exercises of shooting and editing. We differ from a film school in the fact that we teach this craft for students to be able to make a living using inexpensive cameras, to produce memorable wedding films, and shoot events for corporate clients as well. 

Why should I sign up with your school?

Because you’re the type of person who wants to step away from your regular 9 to 5.
Because you’ve been bitten by the filmmaking bug and you desperately want to make movies but you’re too old for film school. Because you want to work only on weekends and yet earn more than what you currently make on your regular job. Because you want to provide yourself with a head start in the videography business.
Because you’re an Indie Filmmaker looking to improve the way you shoot with advanced gear. Because you already own an expensive camera and you want to make the most out of it. Because you are a photographer wanting to transition into the exciting world of the moving frame.

Can’t I learn this stuff on the internet?

Learning this off the internet is not impossible, it’s been done before. But the information can be overwhelming. Even for visual learners, it’s like trying to learn how to swim by reading pdf files and watching you tube videos.
Nothing beats the the experience of having live feedback from actual experts.
So film school, is this the right option for you? Yes and no…Here in the Philippines, CSB, AFI or La Salle are certainly great places to learn if you have the time and money. It’s possible that after 3 years you still don’t know how to ACTUALLY shoot those wedding rings creatively. 

Will I get a discount if I bring my own camera?

No. We’ve made sure to bring the cost of the courses to the most videographer-friendly rates in the market. You will not a find a better-priced option with the level of quality we offer.

I’m more into Indie filmmaking and not so much into Wedding Videography. Is there a course for me in your school?

Yes there is. Sign up for other courses. There you will learn that you do not need to spend thousands and thousands of precious pesos to get artistic shots from a crane, glider, dolly tracks and even aerial rigs.
We will teach you how to affordably source these special equipment and how to use them yourself.

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