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Are you a Film School?

Yes and No. While we teach the fundamentals and principles of film language and grammar, the SHOOT! School cuts through the long process of acquiring a film degree by teaching the functional and practical techniques first, and promotes learning by doing.
More time is actually spent on the practical exercises of shooting and editing. We differ from a film school in the fact that we teach this craft for students to be able to make a living using inexpensive cameras, to produce memorable wedding films, and shoot events for corporate clients as well. 

Why should I sign up with your school?

Because you’re the type of person who wants to step away from your regular 9 to 5.
Because you’ve been bitten by the filmmaking bug and you desperately want to make movies but you’re too old for film school.
Because you want to work only on weekends and yet earn more than what you currently make on your regular job.
Because you want to provide yourself with a head start in the videography business.
Because you’re an aspiring independent filmmaker looking to improve the way you shoot with advanced gear.
Because you already own an expensive camera and you want to make the most out of it.
Because you are a photographer wanting to transition into the exciting world of the moving frame.
So many reasons, really. But most importantly, because you want an option that won't break your wallet. 

Can’t I learn this stuff on the internet?

Learning this stuff from the internet is not impossible; it’s been done before. But the information can be overwhelming. It's like trying to learn how to swim by reading pdf files and watching YouTube videos. Nothing beats the experience of having live feedback from actual experts. 
So film school, is this the right option for you? Yes and no… Here in the Philippines, UP Film, La Salle CSB, AFI and others are certainly great places to learn if you have the time and money. It’s possible that even after 3 years you still don’t know how to ACTUALLY shoot those wedding rings creatively. Shooting on cinema cameras is great but just how much of that will you do in the real world with tiny budgets and affordable cameras everywhere.

Who are the mentors?

We partner with industry professionals who have been working in the field for a long time, either as working filmmakers, studio owners, producers, and event and documentary filmmakers.
Learn from their experiences and best practices, and know what to do to avoid during the early part of your career. The insights you gain here will not save you time with future choices in your career, but will save you a lot of money down the line. 
Find out more about our mentors by jumping to our mentors page

Do I need my own gear?

You can become a shooter and work freelance even if you don't have your own gears. Some studios may hire you as freelance shooter and may provide you with their own gears. For the SHOOT! School courses, we encourage you to bring your own gears, but you are not required to. We will provide cameras and the other equipment for those who still do not have one.
However, for video editing courses such as Adobe Premiere Editing, Same Day Editing, Adobe After Effects Color Grading, a laptop installed with editing software (preferably the latest version of Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects) is required.

I'm already a freelance wedding videographer, will Weddings & Events Videography Course still be useful for me?

For a lot of videographers, one of the things we love to do the most (where we all perhaps get our guilty pleasures from) is to upgrade our gear. The thought of getting a new and better piece is always exciting and eagerly anticipated. Well, these courses are an upgrade... to your skills. We constantly need to improve our skills not only by practicing but also by studying. These courses will help you fast-track all the information that is informally learned in years of shooting.
For example, how may years of shooting experience do you need before you know the parts and fundamental differences of a catholic wedding vs Christian? INC vs Muslim? Chinese vs Civil? You'll know what to expect and what equipment to prepare. Perhaps you want to get into the lucrative world of corporate videography and you don't know how to approach clients, then you're in luck. We can help you with that. 

I’m more into indie filmmaking and not so much into Wedding Videography. Is there a course for me in your school?

Yes there is. Sign up for other courses such as Think Like A Film Director, Creative Shooting, Documentary Filmmaking or Cinematography. These courses are designed for general filmmaking purposes.

What are the subjects that will be taught in the courses?

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the workshops:
1. Visual language and grammar - film concepts, composition, lighting, camera angles and movements.
2. Workflow of filming a wedding
3. Editing and post-production 
4. Same Day Editing
5. Color Grading
6. Special equipment - using glide, slider, crane, go pro and aerials
7. Documentary Filmmaking - corporate videos, AVPs, infomercials, advocacy videos
8. Entrepreneurship - starting and maintaining a videography business, marketing, and pricing  
Go HERE to see the details of each course.

May I take any course that I want?

If you are a newbie or total beginner, we highly recommend that you start with THINK LIKE A FILM DIRECTOR (Introduction to Digital Filmmaking)After that, you may continue with any of the more advanced courses.

If you're a newbie filmmaker, you may enrol to our Weddings & Events Videography Course, which is also appropriate for beginners in the wedding industry.
However, if you already have some basic knowledge and want to have a deeper understanding in a particular field, then you may go directly to other advanced courses. When in doubt, feel free to reach out.

See HERE all the courses that we offer. 

Will I really be a good shooter?

Yes. When you invest in yourself with the skills needed to be competent in the highly competitive world of videography, you make yourself more valuable to your clients. Unlike cameras that can fail, get destroyed or get stolen, the knowledge and skills that you gain in the courses stays with you and only grows over time. The fact that you're reading this means you're interested and willing to undergo training. You know the value of investing in yourself, and you want to improve. 

So here is our SHOOT! School Guarantee: If for any reason you feel that you have more to learn, we will let you repeat the course for free.

How soon can I see a return on my investment?

Tallying the costs and returns on education in direct financial terms is no doubt hard to quantify; it still largely depends on how you conduct yourself to colleagues and clients alike.
However, as soon as you shoot and see that your shots have gotten better, you know that you'll carry this forward in your future work. You'll develop wider contacts with our network and will in turn lead you to paid projects under other studios and videography outfits. It's really up to you.

To give few concrete examples: The Same Day Edit costs PhP10,000. You may use what you'll learn and become a professional SDE editor, being paid PhP4,000 to PhP5,000 per wedding.  

How do I enlist?

It's easy as pressing the button below, and following the next steps!

So what are you waiting for?

Will Weddings & Events Videography Course also teach the business aspects of videography?

As a freelance videographer and studio owner, YOU are the product you're selling. Your clients hire you because of your unique skill set, competence and experience. But you cannot focus only on your product, ie the services you provide, and not work on building your videography business. The module of entrepreneurship will teach development of a business model, marketing and pricing.
If you feel overwhelmed, daunted, or resigned to struggle with running the business side of being a videographer, then our entrepreneurship module is for you. We will help you start thinking of yourself as a business, not just a service provider working for different studios.

May I get a discount?

We have regular course fees, discounted course fees for SHOOT! School Alumni, and early bird discounts. Any of these may apply to you at any given time.
Click HERE to get the discounted course fees.

How many students do you accept per batch?

We try to limit the number of students for one reason. We don't want the mentor's attention divided to so many people. We guarantee that the mentors and you will have a one-on-one tutorial at some point during the courses. Having a small class size means we can guide you in your particular problem areas. We'll hold your hand.

Shooting Courses: 12 students
Editing Courses: 15 students
SDE Course: 10 students

What's included in the course fee?

Aside from the excellent mentorship and experience gained through our workshops, you'll get:
1. a certificate of attendance
2. an abridged manual that you can bring to your shoots as a handy reference

*Snacks, tea and coffee are included in the fee.

My budget is limited. I have to choose between signing up or buying a new lens. What should I do? 

Invest in your education. What you will learn will stay with you forever. Get better and maybe you'll learn that the new lens you are craving is not necessary to produce better results after all. 

What if I'm already signed up but for some reason cannot attend this workshop?

​The number one goal is to run the best videography workshop for a limited number of students. This leads to better learning retention and more extensive training. To do so, we made the risky move to forego quantity just to meet our expense and revenue margins.
This is why we have to be conservative and only hold this event in limited slots that we're 100% sure will be sold. Registration is not confirmed until payment has been received.
Cancellations must be received and confirmed by EMAIL by SHOOT! School staff during office hours. Cancellations received via text or Facebook will not be deemed valid.
Participants may cancel up to fifteen (15business days prior to the date of the workshop to receive 100% refund. No compensation is available for cancellations after this minimum deadline is reached.
If you weren't able to get a refund, you may still use your payment to the next batch of the course where you enrolled. If you also wish to transfer your slot to other individual, you may coordinate ahead of time. 

Thank you for understanding!

I live far from your school. Do you hold workshops outside Manila?

We always want to reach out to a lot of people, that's why we also hold workshops outside Manila. We already travelled to Vigan, Isabela, Butuan and Lucena to teach aspiring local filmmakers.

As part of our 4th anniversary, we also organized WIDE SHOT: A Learning Event for Film & Video Creators, which featured Jason Magbanua, Dan Villegas, Pong Ignacio and Atom Araullo as mentors.

We also do customized courses and workshops for schools, companies and organizations.

If you're interested in our specialized courses, whether in your province or company, please follow this LINK. You may also reach us at our email address  

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