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Oct 17

One month to go before the start of our official courses but we have already started giving workshops to our corporate clients!

With the ever-growing popularity of social media, government departments and corporate organizations are seeing in-house video production as a viable option for their video production needs.

Unfortunately, when it comes to video production, things aren’t always that simple. The camera is still ultimately just a tool, not a storyteller. It only speaks the language of video as well as the person behind it. Learning to make a really effective video is like learning to speak a second language. You have to learn not just what to say, but also learn how ‘what you say’ will be received by others.

And that’s where we come in!

Shoot Practical Videography School offers a production training workshop designed to empower organizations to create high-impact videos in-house. Through this introductory workshop, participants from the Department of Justice’s Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) learned how to create and produce high quality videos using internal resources. This training goes very well with their agency’s core message to STOP Human Trafficking, and they need to be able to effectively communicate this through photos and videos to be subsequently shared through social media. The workshop was held on October 13 and 14 at the Bayleaf Hotel Manila, where IACAT’s Public Information and Communication personnel were trained on how produce videos with the solid fundamentals.

For this video, we asked them for quick video testimonials about the topics, and how our training was conducted, and we are very thankful for the instant feedback! We look forward to seeing them again at our November sessions.

The Workshop included the following topics:

Photography Essentials
Learning to See Photographically
How to use your Camera
Composition and Capturing the Moment
Basic Photo Editing with Lightroom

Videography Essentials
Visual Language and Film Grammar
Understanding Composition and Camera Moves
Producing Organizational Videos

Practical Videography
DSLR Videography Techniques
Tools for Shooting Video (Lenses, Audio)
Video Checklist
The Video Interview

The Art of Editing
Preparing your files for post production
Video Editing Basics

If you would like to have these same workshops within your organization, feel free to contact us through by commenting below, or by texting us at +63 (917) 849 8097

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