Apply as a SHOOT! Practical Videography School SCHOLAR!
As our scholar, you will learn different aspects of filmmaking:

Production Management
Video Editing
Special Effects
Documentary Filmmaking
Events Organizing

See our requirements below to see if you are qualified!

What this scholarship can do for you

By being exposed to different field of works in filmmaking and attending our classes and workshops (for free!), you may become any of the following:

Events videographer

Freelance editor
Wedding Studio Owner
AVP director
Production manager
Any job related to videography / filmmaking

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a college education? 
    No. We are a practical videography school. We teach short practical hands on courses such as the ff:

    Weddings and Events Videography
    Same Day Editing
    Adobe Premiere Editing
    Color Grading
    Creative Shooting
    Profitable Videography Business
    Documentary Filmmaking
    Mobile Filmmaking
    Filmmaking for Kids
    Customized courses for companies and organizations

    If selected, you will be attending these courses for free. You will also receive a certificate for each course. 

  2. What are the schedules of courses?
    Every month, there are particular courses available. See the schedules HERE.

    Aside from the scheduled courses, you will be asked to come 4 days / week to learn as an admin / OJT staff.

  3. Do I get an allowance?
    Yes. You will receive PhP5,000 monthly as the school's financial assistance. 
  4. Will I need to pay for my own house and meals?
    Yes, you need to provide for your own. We will however help you in finding an affordable place near the school.

  5. Can I take other work?
    Yes, you may take works on weekends or days that you are not required to come at school.

  6. Aside from the school's courses, will I get a chance to work on other video related productions?
    Our mentors are constantly working on various video projects. They work on commercials, AVPs, weddings, documentary films, and other video projects.

    By being an apprentice, you will learn all you need to know in working on a video project.

  7. How long will I be asked to be in SHOOT! School?
    You will be engaged for two years. We believe that two years is enough to teach you most of what you need to learn to be able to work in the videography business.

  8. Do I need to submit proof of Senior High Graduation?
    You need to be a graduate of Grade 12 (Senior High School) to qualify. If you haven't received your diploma yet, don't worry. Apply now and then submit it as soon as it is already available.

  9. From whom should the recommendation letter come from?
    The letter of recommendation should come from any school official - principal, adviser or teacher. 


Send an EMAIL to with the following details: 

  1. Detailed Resume
  2. Character Reference/s with email address and contact number
  3. Letter of Recommendation from the school where you graduated
  4. Video of why you deserve this opportunity (maximum of 60 seconds)

All applications must be received thru email on or before May 30, 2019. 
Successful candidates will be provided with a monthly stipend of PhP5,000.
Board and Lodging will be at the expense of the scholar.

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