SHOOT! School Goes to VIGAN

A 3-day Wedding Videography and Same Day Editing Course

SHOOT! School
goes to Vigan

In the past two years, SHOOT! Practical Videography School has mastered the art of teaching wedding filmmaking. We have conducted more than 50 courses from 2014 and have an alumni base of more than 150 graduates from all over the country who can attest to the effectiveness of our teaching methods.

We admit, though, we've received several queries regarding alternate school branches (we wish huhu) because Quezon City might not be the most convenient location for some SHOOTers. The course fee might be affordable but the transportation and lodging are, well, not so much. So this year, we decided that, instead of asking SHOOTers from all over the country to go all the way to Quezon City, we are bringing SHOOT! School to you!

The first stop is the picturesque, historic town of VIGAN.

Wedding videography and same day edit course

We combined our bestselling WEDDING & EVENTS VIDEOGRAPHY COURSE and our perpetually jam-packed SAME DAY EDIT COURSE into a dynamic 3-day workshop filled with fun activities, exercises, and valuable inputs from mentors.

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WHAT TO EXPECT from this course

                         DAY 1

  • Overview, Basic and Advanced Gears (lecture)
  • Who are the Videography Team members? (lecture)
  • Filming the details during preparations (lecture)
  • Activity 1 - Filming of details (exercise)
  • Filming the ceremony (lecture and demo)
  • Activity 2 - Planning the shoot (exercise)
  • Glidecam techniques

SDE Survival Guide

  • Activity 3 - TIME PRESSURE (exercise)
  • Technical requirements (lecture)
  • Editing workflow - Best practices
  • Little stories as building blocks of storytelling
  • Activity 4 - Song analysis and storytelling

Day 3
Simulation of Wedding and Same Day Edit

The participants will team up and shoot an actual bride and groom preparing for a wedding. The mentors will simulate an actual wedding in a simulated environment. The teams will be guided into producing a Same Day Edit. All SDEs will be screened and critiqued at the end of the course.

Alumni TestimonialS

"SHOOT School gave me the balls to go out of my comfort zone"

"SHOOT! School gave me the balls to go out of my comfort zone. Especially when it comes to shooting and editing videos. Thanks to our mentors that enlightened me to pursue my passion. Thanks Shoot School!"

- Allen Tarroza, alumnus, Wedding and Events Videography Course, Same Day Edit Course

"From totally zero knowledge (...), at a very short period of time we've already tried the real wedding and have overcome our fear."

"Most importantly, we would like to thank Shoot Practical Videography School for all the tips and advice and support we get even after the course!

Sir EJ Sir Shoden Sir Julius Sir Joel and of couse to Sir Noel Bonifacio Maraming Salamuch poh!

Masaya lang kami ..kasi from totally zero knowledge (when we first enrolled at your school) last March from today. At a very short period of time we've already tried the real wedding and have overcome our fear.

SHOOT! School rocks!"

- Gian Carlo Lazatin, alumnus, Wedding and Events Videography Course, Same Day Edit Course


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