Can you change your life using a camera?

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Apr 05

Nicasio Mendaro Jr or Nic is one of the students of SHOOT! Practical Videography School. One thing that inspires us in the life of Nic is his humble beginnings.

Before becoming a successful wedding videographer, he has been a janitor in Mercury Drug, GSK and UNILAB. After graduating from the secondary education, Nic had to look for a job already to help his family in Bicol.

“I was just a reliever. If someone’s absent, that’s where I will be sent,” Nic said while trying to remember his beginnings.

He decided to buy a camera worth more than P40,000. He believed in himself that he has capability in creative aspect.

“It was too expensive. My wife was about to give birth but I still bought the camera because I also want to take a photo of her but I don’t know how to do it,” smiling while talking the very first camera he had.

From the moment he held his first camera, he already wanted to use it properly. So Nic attended workshops. He has taken up Creative Shooting Course and Same Day Editing, two of the courses here at SHOOT! School.

“I aimed high, that someday I will earn out of it. My monthly salary as a janitor is equivalent to 2 days work as videographer,” he said comparing the improvement of his life when he became a videographer.

Today, Nic shoots an average of 4 events in a month. Aside from the higher income, he also have more time to spend with his family – and that is really important to him.

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A graduate of the UP Film Institute, EJ has directed award winning documentary films tackling issues of environment and society. He has further studied advanced documentary filmmaking under German, French and Dutch filmmakers in various workshops and specialized courses organized by Goethe Institute-Manila and Goethe Institut-Hanoi. EJ also directs commercials, advertisements and corporate image films. EJ has filmed hundreds of weddings when he became an owner of a wedding film studio in 2010-2012. This was when he dreamed of a Videography School that offers special courses for budding artists.

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