Let’s talk about feelings… at the Photoworld Asia 2018!

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Feb 28

SHOOT! School Team was invited to give a talk in the biggest photography and videography expo in the Philippines – the Photoworld Asia 2018 held last February 2, 2018. I got to talk about my favorite topic – documentary filmmaking.

I hope that in a span of an hour, I was able to give good insights to the audience.

“I believe that filmmaking is about creating emotions. It’s about creating feelings, it’s about understanding your own feeling when you are in the location, understanding your own emotions that you felt into a piece of work, and transferring that emotion to your audience. That’s why filmmaking for me is sometimes, “feel”making, creating feelings with your audience.”

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A graduate of the UP Film Institute, EJ has directed award winning documentary films tackling issues of environment and society. He has further studied advanced documentary filmmaking under German, French and Dutch filmmakers in various workshops and specialized courses organized by Goethe Institute-Manila and Goethe Institut-Hanoi. EJ also directs commercials, advertisements and corporate image films. EJ has filmed hundreds of weddings when he became an owner of a wedding film studio in 2010-2012. This was when he dreamed of a Videography School that offers special courses for budding artists.

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