Practical and Real World Integrations with our IBMC Business

An FB Live Session


ShodenIBMC Classmate

Don't mind the fancy-looking page and the URL looking like this. I'm hosting this out of a node from my main website and niche, which is practical videography training. Anyway, since we will be discussing integrations, feel free to check out my site na din to familiarize yourself with some of the products I offer to my audience.  

So that when we do the live screencast of the tools I use, you can recognize them na. I'm applying IBMC techniques to promote this very same site, and market our brick-and-mortar school. Information products are easier to market since you're not locked into a physical space, and when you join us on the FB session, you'll see how I make it work despite the obvious limitations. 

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This free FB LIVE session is also way for me to check if there is demand for the information that will be shared here. 

my niche is practical video training

You'll get to know more about me and what I do outside of IBMC through a few emails I'll send out. I hope that's okay with you. 

this fb live session is an applied lesson

Coach Jon actually taught us about this: You can generate leads by asking a question inside of your facebook group. ^_^