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Nov 23

There has been much talk about the recent list of METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL (MMFF) entries. We are excited to learn that this year’s festival is filled with high quality films.

We at Shoot! School value the film education of the Filipino people. We are glad that, for once, we are offered films that will not only entertain us, but will hopefully make us think. We call everyone to come out with your families, friends, and loved ones and watch the 8 films.

With that, we are sharing a piece written by SHOOT! SCHOOL mentor Jepster Togle.


“Just my two cents on the whole MMFF2016 issue with the mainstream media complaints. Please respect my thoughts, and if you disagree, then disagree.

For the past years, MMFF2016 has been the venue for blockbuster mainstream movies to flourish and be released without competing with foreign films. For them this is the only time their movies can actually earn profits since movie goers have no choice but to watch their line up composed majorly of dumbed down films for the masses. In short, they have in a way abused the system of “exclusivity” to earn profits. Their intention was never to celebrate the spirit of Metro Manila through films. Most of them only wanted to subtly entertain and really just profit from the films they make.

Today, the landscape has changed. The selection committee is lead by Professor Emeritus Nic Tiongson of UP Film Institute. We get to celebrate a Film Festival for what it should really be: A celebration of quality films portraying the spirit of Metro Manila in its most honest form. Independent films lead the lineup and it’s a great day for film makers who actually make films of quality and not just money making movies.

For the mainstream media calling foul on the line-up, they need to know this. Release “blockbusters”, as they claim them every MMFF, during the Philippine summer season WITHOUT exclusivity from foreign films. PROVE to the people these movies are what movie goers would pay to see. Our summer season is not in line with Hollywood Summer blockbusters so they have quite an edge here.

Last year, I only saw two MMFF movies. Honor thy Father and Walang Forever. Honor thy Father brought about an awakening of responsibility to people. Walang Forever, which is surprisingly deeper than I thought despite the marketing, teaches the meaning of appreciation of today and that despite nothing lasts forever, what’s important is happening now. That for me is good film making.

As for me, I am glad that the landscape has changed. This teaches a lesson to big local motion picture studios that they do not control the movie theatres anymore. That there is a new revolution of film makers which started with Heneral Luna.

Today, my hope for Philippine Cinema has grown back. Hopefully, it gets even better from here.”



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