The True Cost of a Corporate Bid

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Mar 04

Today, we’re having our first guest post coming from a co-supplier in the corporate video industry.

Lost on a bidding today, which is not new to us  but this time I would like to share this…

Friends in the industry hope you consider the following cost on a certain production (in summary lang ha)

1. Equipment Rental / Depreciation – Ground, Sea, & Aerial Equipments. Batteries, Lighting etc. – Naluluma, need to replace some time…
2. Talent fee of Manpower depending on skills & creativity – Videographers, PA etc.
3. Talent fee of Director/Scriptwriter – Syempre sa iyo ito aasa…kung ikaw (owner) ang gagawa, you should compensate as well
4. Data Storage – Hardrive Storage / Backup Storage and How long is the retention
5. Graphics and Animation – Creativity , Licencing & Royalty
6. Music and Sound Effects – Licensing & Royalty
7. Talent fee of VO Artist
8. Travel Costs – Vehicle Rental / Depreciation, Driver, Gas, Toll Fees, Terminal Fees, Airport Fees, Entrance Fees
9. Food Allowance – cost per meal x number of days
10. Accommodation – mostly, the client provides accommodation if not, you may include it on your quote.
11. Video Editing – Use of Manpower, Talent, Skills, Depreciation of Computer, usage of Electricity & Internet
12. Travel Personal & Equipment Insurance – eg. Transporting your vehicle on RORO, Traveling your equipments on a watercraft nor a pressurized cabin aircraft. I might also suggest that get yourself a Medicard, wala kang ilalabas na pera sa hospital in case of emergency.
13. Earnings – then compute your desired earnings

14. Revision Cost – time and effort for revisions (has to be locked into the contract)
15. Yman Hernandez‘s Suggestion – Precious time that you are away on that project at Sakit sa Ulong mga client smile emoticon (Stress Fee) hahaha

If you price your work right there are a lot of benefits in return…
explain to your clients everything…

Congratulations to the winning bidder of Php 1X,000.00 for
a Multi-location / Island Corporate AVP with Aerial Cinematography!

there is nothing wrong to make it cheaper (lahat gusto makuha ang project) but make sure you can keep the business rolling and if you are rolling with a business that you do a proper selecting payroll softwares…

Moving forward to the next client smile emoticon


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