Why it’s important to get out of your comfort zone

By EJ Mijares | Videography

Oct 10

Two months ago, I was awarded a contract to produce and direct a video for a tech company. After the initial meeting, I wanted to back out.

Ang gusto kasi nila ay gumawa ng short film. As you know, I am a documentary filmmaker. I am comfortable in filming reality-based content.

Hindi ko strength ang fiction. Naiinip ako sa mga lighting set ups. Mas gusto kong i-shoot yung mga BTS.

Bukod pa dito, their budget was way too low. I was not sure if I can pull it off.

I wanted to back out. Pero naalala ko yung isang nabasa ko na article… Ang sabi ay ganito:
 “You will get better if you start doing things that you are not an expert in.”
 Naalala ko yung isa pang statement ng isang artist:

 “My best work was when I was out of my comfort zone.”

So… I went ahead and did the project. We filmed for one day in some hills in Rizal. I had 3 days to edit before the screening.

Here is the link to the finished short film:

This might not be my best work, but I learned a few things sa project na ito.

Then I received this email from the client a day after the screening:

Hi EJ,

I just want to share with you, via screen grab below, the overwhelming response we got from sharing the NEA BIT video through our facebook at work.

This is so far, the most active post in the Indra Philippines Community. Thanks for being an instrument in inspiring our colleagues on the value of their work.

We also got a very positive response – kilig, amazement and feeling of fulfilment from NEA last Monday, during the launch. sayang you were not there.

That’s it!

Hope to work with you again.


We are asking NEA if Indra employees can share this video via our personal networks. If they agree, may we mention that this is under your production?

O di ba winner! Happy client, happy filmmaker!

I guess ang gusto ko i-share sa email na ito ay…


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A graduate of the UP Film Institute, EJ has directed award winning documentary films tackling issues of environment and society. He has further studied advanced documentary filmmaking under German, French and Dutch filmmakers in various workshops and specialized courses organized by Goethe Institute-Manila and Goethe Institut-Hanoi. EJ also directs commercials, advertisements and corporate image films. EJ has filmed hundreds of weddings when he became an owner of a wedding film studio in 2010-2012. This was when he dreamed of a Videography School that offers special courses for budding artists.

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